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My husband and I picked Wheat Ridge as the place to put down roots 5 years ago. We love the small town feel and we love our neighbors. Our two young daughters attend the same school my mom attended. We spend our summers at Anderson Pool. We have almost fully restored our 1963 mid century home to its original glory, pink flamingo bathroom and all. 

We love so much about Wheat Ridge. 

This is my second time running for city council District 4. In 2017 I ran because affordable housing, homelessness and  infrastructure issues were impacting our city and neighborhoods. Professionally I had helped other municipalities build back more resilient after the 2013 floods. I wanted to bring my skill set to my city. 

I didn’t win that race in 2017, but I did not lose.


After running for council I served on the Cultural Commission and was appointed to the Urban Renewal Board. What I got out of that race most importantly was the friendship of the three people I ran against. City Councilwoman Leah Dozeman, D 4 resident Andy Rassmussen and Ruth Baranowski.

There is a new kind of politics brewing in Wheat Ridge, it has very little to do with party affiliation, and much more to do with getting things done. 

I learned from that experience that we can do so much more together. On council I will bring that lesson of leadership and inclusivity with me. As I knock on doors and talk to residents they are sick of how divided our city has become over zoning and development. They don’t feel that they have a place at the table. Residents no matter their income, or schedule, or access to Facebook should have a voice in the process.


Swearing In Ceremony

November 18, 2019

6:30 pm MT

Wheat Ridge City Hall






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